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[Welcome Address From The Conference President]

Dear Colleagues,

A big welcome to the 6th All African Anaesthesia Congress being hosted for the first time in West Africa at Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. This congress coincides with the 25th Anniversary of the Nigerian Society of Anaesthetists. At this congress, we will be focusing on “Solutions for Africa”. I believe that we can gain from our rich diversity, as we look inwards to find unique solutions for anaesthesia and perioperative care. Together, we can change the landscape of ourservice and practice in Africa.

I call on all Africans to make a choice – choose to dream, choose to innovate, chose to lead, choose team work and choose excellence even as we ensure patient safety. This is the time to scale up by strategically increasing the number of anaesthesia practitioners through responsible training and education. In the next 15 years, let us all work towards getting the critical number of skilled anaesthesia providers that will work with our surgeons, obstetricians and trauma care specialists so that together we can exceed the recommended target of 20 specialists / 100,000 population in Africa by the year 2030.I invite all the national society members of the ARS to come and share what has worked well in their countries at this conference. You will agree with me that our voices must be heard. I welcome the Anglophones and the Francophones without any discrimination. Let’s use this opportunity to also learn from our invited Speakers from around the world. Together, we can find the unique solutions for Africa. Let’s dare to be African. Welcome, Bienvenu, E kaabọ (Yoruba),Nnabata (Ibo), Barka da zuwa (Hausa), Karibu (Swahili), Welkom (Afrikaans), and ‘Ahlaanbik (Arabic).
Please feel free to send your comments to president@6aaac2017.com

Dr. Bisola Onajin-Obembe (MBBS, FWACS, MBA)

President, Nigerian Society of Anaesthetists
President, WFSA’s Africa Regional Section